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We at 1st Rate Roofing aim to provide a straight forward easy to use service. We uphold the highest standards and always charge a fair price.
We value reliability and craftsmanship, with most of our work coming from recommendations.

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Pitched Full Re-Roofs

Slate and Tiled

Renewing your roof has never been easier, technology has advanced massively in the last 50 years from breathable felts to roofing grade treated timber battens. Only the highest quality products make the cut when it comes to our roofs.

Full re-roofs are needed when the felt under the roof covering perishes. To change this the tiles or which ever roof covering is in place needs to be removed to install new breathable felt and battens, at this point we usually recommend replacing the covering as well but this is not always the case.

Flat Roof Systems

Felt Systems

Felt roofing is by far the most common type of flat roofing. As with most roofing products the technology has advanced greatly making felt still a great choice and the most popular.

Installing roofing grade felt requires the use of a blow torch, this can sometimes make the insulation process a touch more hazardous than is rubber roofing counterpart.

Flat Roofing Systems

GRP / Rubber Systems

GRP roofing is a great alternative to felt, providing quick easy installations even for awkward roofs. A great aspect of GRP roofing is that it requires no heat to install making it a great option for flat roofs adjacent/near thatch roofs. Rubber roofing has its perks like being installed in a single large sheet meaning minimal laps or joins on the main area of roof. It is definitely a product better suited to new builds.

Roof Alterations

Roof Survey

For a roof survey an experienced roofer will spend a few hours reviewing your roof, internally and externally. All notes and photos describing the condition of the roof will be filled out into a form much like an M.O.T. But for your roof!

Roof Alterations

Tile/Slate Replacements

Small roof repair are extremely common, your roof has a rough life and sometimes needs a bit of TLC to get it through. Usually a cheap repair, changing a few tiles or slates is a quick and simple process.

Roof Alterations

Chimney Removals/Repairs

Chimneys are notorious for water ingress and damage, particularly when mortar erodes and falls out or when lead flashing's have been compromised. We can repair your chimney or remove it as required.

Roof Alterations

Velux Windows and Sun Tunnels

Skylights and Velux windows are an ideal solution where light and ventilation are required in roof spaces. We are experts at fitting roof windows and are happy to discuss different options for all budgets.

Roof Alterations

Lead Alterations

Lead flashing's can often be the culprit when it comes to leaking chimneys or connecting flat roofs, that's why we provide high quality lead replacements with the option of using Ubiflex lead replacements materials. This option has no resell value deterring would be thieves.

Roof Alterations

Moss Cleaning

We supply a high quality cleaning service, our roofs are all hand cleaned providing the safest most affordable option on the market. Please do not be swayed to pressure wash you're roof, this can lead to roof wide leakage and the possibility of needing a whole new roof after!

Roof Alterations

Mortar Alterations

Damaged mortar is a common issue with roofs, it has been used for centuries as a means to hold down ridge tiles and to seal valleys/ verges. It is being phased out slowly but is still in widespread use in the UK. We can perform all typed of Mortar alterations including: Re-building verges, valleys and bedding ridge tiles. We also re-point chimneys and hard to reach brick work.

Roof Alterations

Guttering and Facias

We install all types of both guttering and facias, we also provide cleaning services for both. Unblocking gutters is a very common call out for us and we have all the tools to get the job done quickly and safely.

Sheet Roof Systems

Sheet Roofing Systems

There are many different types of sheet roofing including polycarbonate, corrugated metal and corrugated plastics, etc. We install most types of these systems and sheet roofing can be a great affordable long lasting alternative.

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